Рrivate Рolicy Statement
Рrivate Рolicy Statement

We are drawing your attention to the fact that any information transferred while performing a transaction with payment system WEBPAY™ is considered confidential and classified. Confidential information is received and processed exclusively in the WEBPAY™ e-payment system.

Data is transmitted into protected mode via SSL protocol with asymmetric cryptoalgorithm and the key of 2048 bits. Any possibility of confidential data snatching is ruled out. Data is transmitted encrypted and is kept only on a specialized server.

In order to provide protection of fraud, WebPay Company strongly recommends to follow the given rules:
1. To make sure that URL in the address line of a web browser is right. It must begin with https://secure.webpay.by/
2. To check if the security certificate is valid, as well as when and by who was it issued see picture.
3. To make sure that the order is processed correctly (order amount, items ordered, order currency, payee).
4. Before inputting plastic card details and make payment, one must read the Offer Agreement and The Rules of an Internet-shop.
5. Not to use stolen or found bank cards, as well as card of third parties. It presupposes criminal liability.
6. Not to leave one's bank cards unattended in public areas, not to give them to strangers, children.
7. Not to give the card details in letters or on some other websites the authenticity of which cannot be identified. If someone asks you to provide your card details in an e-mail signed by WebPay or any other company, don’t do that – it is a fraudulent e-mail.
8. WebPay Company would never send an e-mail or a letter asking for card details. If you answer such a letter and give your card details, WebPay Company won’t be responsible for that.
9. Addressing WebPay Company’s support services or sending a letter, don’t give card details, if it is necessary give only the last 4 (four) figures. Example: хххххххххххх-1111. The letters which contain full card details are deleted without reading by WebPay Company.
10. It is prohibited to change payment form data or interfere with the proper operation of WEBPAY™ payment system.
Following the above rules as well as common rules of secure working in the Internet will decrease the risk of stealing your personal data by third parties.
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